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‘Every organisation is perfectly designed to produce the results it’s producing’ Edward Deming

Berg Consulting Group helps leaders create business and innovation strategies for future growth. We believe innovation starts with a mindset. We help leaders develop competence in innovation and lead their teams to become innovative and collaborative. We ensure our clients not only create but also successfully implement strategy.

Our clients are businesses committed to becoming innovative and creating the business cultures that support future growth.

Creating customer-centric innovation

We help you create customer-centric innovation that is actionable and delivers sustainable profits. We will guide your team across the three key foundations of innovation: strategy, creativity and execution.  We call it Think Play Act (strategy=Think, creativity=Play, execution=Act).

The Think Play Act framework offers a comprehensive range of tools and services that will help you become truly customer-centric and innovative.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostics & research
  • Customer & innovation consultation
  • Customer-centric strategy workshops
  • Business case development
  • Leadership development program


(note: Berg Consulting Group will be re-branded ThinkPlayAct in early 2016)


Diagnostics & Research

We partner with Australia’s leading consumer researchers to provide data, observations and insights into customer journey, customer experience and customer decision making.

We also train your people in customer observation techniques so that you can create a culture of continuous improvement in customer experience.

Our research offerings include:

  • Customer experience diagnostics
  • Customer journey & decision mapping
  • Customer observation & insights
  • Organisational innovation competency profiling
  • Taly Innovation Personality Profiling


Customer & Innovation Strategy Consulting

We work with you to create products and services, business processes, business models and (most importantly) people that are truly innovative and customer-centric. We bring together expertise in customer strategy, blue ocean strategy®, design thinking, Theory U and business model innovation to create a program that is right for your organisation and our growth objectives.

We will create a program that engages your employees in ideation and designing innovation strategy. We can mentor and support you to develop your customer innovation strategy and all supporting product development or marketing plans. Or we can prepare a customer innovation strategy for you, including a suite of insights, ideas, options and recommendations.

We facilitate and support the preparation of:

  • Customer-centred innovation strategy
  • Blue Ocean Strategy®
  • Business model innovation
  • New growth strategy
  • Customer strategy
  • Customer marketing strategy
  • Innovation program development



Customer-centric Innovation Workshops

Customer-centric organisations are powered by customer-centric people. We help your team build a customer-centric mindset. We train your team in a suite of strategic frameworks and tools that will help you create innovative products, services and customer experiences.

Click here to view our range of customer-centric innovation workshops.


Business Case Development

We help you build the business case for implementing a customer-centric innovation program. We apply pricing innovation frameworks that reduce to the cost (and risk) of innovation and change.  The business case offers a rigorous economic assessment of implementing a customer-centric innovation strategy and creating a customer-centric culture. 


Leadership Development Program

Our leadership programs focus on creating a high performing culture, leading innovation and change and creating collaborative teams.

We help leaders to build more innovative and productive teams and manage themselves and their teams through times of change.

Our programs as designed to help leaders embed the right behaviours and practices in their team. Each program includes diagnostics, workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Our programs include:



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